Mitch Altman Workshop

Mitch Altman wearing his Brain MachineMitch Altman, creator of TV-B-Gone and co-founder of Noisebridge the San Francisco hackerspace will be in the UK for the Maker Faire March 13 & 14. While he is in the UK he will be giving his workshop How To Make Cool Things With Microcontrollers at hackspaces around the country, including Bristol! Mitch descibes the workshop thus:

At the workshop I have lots of projects that anyone can make and take home, even if they’ve never made anything before. Anyone can learn this stuff, including how to solder — I’ve taught thousands! My time is free. I only ask that people pay for the cost of the parts. (If I break even on my workshops, I’m happy — I only do it because I love it.)

We will be hosting Mitch in the Bristol Hackspace in Hamilton House. Exact details of the time and date and how to sign up will be posted soon.

Update — the workshop will be the afternoon of Sat 27 Mar 2010. Book your tickets now!