How To Make Cool Things With Microcontrollers

Hackspace Workshop PosterMitch Altman, creator of TV-B-Gone and co-founder of Noisebridge the San Francisco hackerspace will be giving his workshop ‘How To Make Cool Things With Microcontrollers’ at the Bristol Hackspace. Mitch says: “At the workshop I have lots of projects that anyone can make and take home, even if they’ve never made anything before.” You can see a list of the projects below.

The workshop will run from 1pm to 5pm on Sat 27 Mar 2010 in the Hackspace in Hamilton House on Stokes Croft. There will be some time spare to finish up at the end if we run over. Also feel free to join us for lunch in the Canteen cafe/bar on the ground floor from 12pm.

The half day workshop costs £20, or £10 if you join the Bristol Hackspace as a member (which also gets you hefty discounts on future workshops). Parts are extra, costs vary depending on what you make but start from just £5. See the list below for details.

There are limited spaces available so book now to avoid disappointment.

Here’s a list of the projects you will be able to build

And here are some pictures of them.

Mignonette Game kit @ £30 each
A way fun, way low-resolution hand-held computer console that you can use to create your own games.
Trippy RGB Waves kit @ £5 each
Waves of colours follow your hand as you wave it over these.
TV-B-Gone kit @ £15 each
Turn off TVs in public places from up to 50 meter away!
USBtinyISP kit @ £15 each
A programmer for AVR microcontrollers.
MiniPOV3 kit @ £15 each
Display messages of your choice through the air you wave this through.
Brain Machine @ £15 each
Hallucinate beautiful colors and patterns while you drift off into fabulous meditation.
MintyBoost kit @ £15 each
With 2 AA batteries you can charge anything with a USB charging input (such as an iPhone).
Drawdio @£15 each
Fun and annoying noiseamaker that changes noise as you draw on paper.
LEDcube @ £15 each
3 x 3 x 3 cube of LEDs with animated sequence.
DC BoArduino kit @ £15 each
Arduino clone kit
FTDI cable @ £15 each
This is not a kit — it is required to communicate with the BoArduino (and many other open-source projects).
TripGlasses @ £25 each
This is not a kit — it is a ready-made version of the Brain Machine. Hallucinate beautiful colors and patterns while meditating!
EU TV-B-Gone @ £15 each
This is not a kit — it is the ready-made keychain to turn off TVs in public places (with a stealthy batman-like look).
NA TV-B-Gone Pro SHP @ £30 each
This is not a kit — it is a ready-made version, the size of an mp3 player, that turns off TVs in public from up to 150 meter away! One model for the entire world! Comes with built-in rechargeable batteries and a charger.
Open Heart kits @ £15 each
I’ll probably also have some of Jimmie Rodger’s Open Heart kits, too. These kits are super easy — they have 27 LEDs in the shape of a heart that you connect to an Arduino (or BoArduino) to animate blinky-light sequences.

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